Everyday Altars:

Everyday Altars can be both intentional as well as spontaneous and even mysterious how they come into being. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be, or have time for on any given day.

You can begin with a theme in mind: like a friend or family member who is going through surgery, or with the desire for some protection, strength or courage, or grounding energy for a challenging situation, or person in your life. Your Everyday Altars can also be sparked simply by the beauty of a flower you pick (or buy), or a rock you pick up on a walk, or an item that is already on your counter-top you add to, or move into a slightly different position. It could be something that a friend brings to you. Or maybe it’s your birthday so you pick an oracle, or an image, or a symbol to start the creation of your altar.

Then whether it’s the colors of cloths you choose, your counter-top, or your window sill that is right there ready to go, how and what objects you choose to place on your altar will speak to the energy you want to call in and hold in your field for that day, that week, or for a while. Once your altar is complete, the only next thing to do is simply enjoy how it touches you – on the inside – as you pass by. Or better yet, take moments of PAUSE with it immersing in Stillness and Silence.

Everyday Altars can also be a practice in trust. Engage and watch how Everyday Altars appear with just a dash of intention and the willingness to open to spontaneity and the mystery of life that IS unfolding right before our eyes. Then watch how we always get what we need!

For me, it is truly one of those simple, rich and important pleasures full of inspiration, support, teachings, and enjoyment for my Everyday Life.