Everyday Services:

Simple, Actionable, Everyday Services is inspired by my need to give service, beyond my work.  As I began inquiry within about service I felt unsure how, when, where, and to whom to give without exhausting myself with an already full life of family, friends, partner, and the many clients I already serve. What I began to notice is that Everyday Services are already happening and available to offer IF I both pay attention to what IS already happening AND value the service, however small it is.


Here are some of the simple things that can flow forth:

  • Smile at someone, anyone; a friend, your partner, a stranger, an elder.
  • Find money on the street? Give it to a homeless person or someone in need.
  • Chant mantras, meditate, sing, dance, move, engage art, take a walk on the WILD side… anywhere, somewhere outside for the world; in the world.
  • Reach out with a phone call to someone who could use some caring, understanding words.
  • Bring a bowl of soup to someone who could use some comfort, warmth, and nourishment.
  • Give your time, energy, money, or expertise to an animal, person, or place; an organization, a cause, a radio station, near or far, large or small- that doesn’t matter- what matters is you are inspired to engage!

Self-Care IS Service, which cultivates Self-Love (A MUST) and eventually leads to Service in the world from your cup flowing over.
Now what kind of world would that be to live in…together?!” — Denise Martini