“Praise to all the seen and unseen helpers”

— Denise Martini

“Denise is a unique and moving spirit who guides her students to allow their bodies to move to places and spaces beyond one’s wildest imagination. She is a teacher and a healer.”


Nursing Supervisor at a Bay Area Hospital, Sonoma

“Denise’s work is deeply intuitive. She magically knows exactly what my body is calling for every session! I have tried many kinds of bodywork; her work is unique and what I call a “three dimensional massage”. I feel adjusted in my skeletal system, muscles, and fascia every time- not to mention my emotional body as well. I am delightfully nourished by Denise’s wisdom and “deep listening” skills she brings to her work.”


Teacher, San Francisco

“Denise has rescued me from the worst headache of my life, saved me from having knee surgeries, and has made me aware of body/mind/breath/earth connections. She offers a safe, nurturing, environment with thoughtful insights, and she is the best at finding “those” spots and working out the kinks!”


San Francisco