Semi-Private Sessions: 3 hrs in length

These classes are for anyone interested in further developing their body awareness and presence practices to support mindful, embodied living. Explorations are created and informed by Continuum, Bio-Dynamic Cranial Touch, and Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks (SEL’s). These approaches offer portals of entry to support both the group field and each participants individual, self-regulated exploration time. There will be time at the end for drawing and/or writing to express and integrate what is resonating and wanting to be remembered in words, color, shapes and images. These sessions are also an opportunity to learn how to do self-sessions while being in the potent field of the mystery with others.

Group Size: 3 – 5 people
Date/Time/Location: TBA
Cost: $100 per person
Call: 707-799-8683
NOTE: If you have 3 – 5 people interested call me and we can find a time, a date, and a location either in my private studio or I will travel to a private location, if space can accommodate the movement explorations.

“Each one of us is wise beyond our wildest dreams. It is an honor and a joy to be a companion with people on this journey of harvesting their inner wisdom, resources, and aliveness. I look forward to the healing journey with you; where magic happens and new possibilities can emerge for you and your life.”
— Denise Martini