What are Continuum Explorations?

Turning your awareness from the outer world to your inner world- your inner body space- with eyes open or closed, Continuum explorations supports contacting what is alive and wanting to be explored, in the present moment. Using the creative palate of breath, sound, mindful movement, and stillness Expressions and Impressions unfold from the inside out. As witness and guide, and companion to your soul, Denise offers support and guidance tailored to your specific needs and longings to enhance and deepen what is already organically unfolding. Touch is used only with the consent of the client, as needed or desired.

What are the benefits of Continuum Explorations?

Benefits can be:
– Further development of body-mind awareness, presence practices, and mindful embodied living.
– Illuminating body-mind movement patterns that are no longer serving you.
– Discover and explore new movement possibilities, in present-tense.
– Move with your old out-dated beliefs, as you shape and form your new updated ones!
– Address chronic soft tissue issues or injuries.
– To simply engage delightfully, the truth of the on-going, unfolding, creative process that you are, as body!


“Each one of us is wise beyond our wildest dreams. It is an honor and a joy to be a companion with people on this journey of harvesting their inner wisdom, resources, and aliveness. I look forward to the healing journey with you; where magic happens and new possibilities can emerge for you and your life.”
— Denise Martini